In the UK, many companies offer broadband and TV packages in a single bundle.


Cable TV

If you are looking for a new cable TV provider, Comcast offers many different TV packages. Starting at $50 a month, the basic Channel Choice package will give you local programming, government and education channels, shopping channels and free HD programming.


This package also includes fast Internet speeds, so you can watch the latest shows and movies without interruption.

Next Step

The next step up from the basic package is the Comcast Channel Choice HDTV package, which includes more than 200 channels.


The Preferred Plus package includes many cable networks, but no premium entertainment channels.


If you want sports or entertainment networks, you may want to choose the other Comcast TV package, Extra.

Extra Package

The Extra package includes a wide variety of popular networks and sports channels. This package is also available as a standalone package.


Comcast is not the only cable provider to raise prices. Most recently, AT&T and Dish announced increases in fees and prices on their TV packages. Last year, Spectrum was the first to alert customers of price hikes, and its announcement was the third in 12 months.


In mid-December, Comcast followed suit with a price hike for its broadcast TV package, which would raise its fee by $5 per month.


If you live in Salt Lake City, UT, you’ll likely find that the packages offered are different than those in Miami, FL.


Depending on where you live, Comcast TV packages may vary. The packages vary in price, channel selection, and other factors.

Television Package

If you’re looking for the best television package with the best features and customer service, consider Spectrum. This provider offers services in 41 states and has strong network infrastructure. This means few service outages. You can even watch live TV from any of your connected devices, like Xbox Ones or Samsung Smart TVs. Dish and AT&T also announced price hikes in mid-January.

There are also many bundle options and add-ons to make your experience with Spectrum even more enjoyable.
The Spectrum TV lineup includes popular cable and local networks, and the Select plan comes with a host of premium networks.

Good Option

It’s a good option for families and individuals looking for a good value and flexibility in TV. You can also add on channels if you want, including HBO MAXTM and STARZENCORE(r).


There are a variety of TV packages available to consumers. Most are priced based on how much you want to spend on a package.


Some packages also include live sports. However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive sports experience, you may need to purchase separate sports channels.


Providers such as Sky and Virgin Media offer several types of TV packages. You can even choose to subscribe to individual sports channels through streaming services.


There are a variety of Optimum TV packages available. They include popular channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and more.

Add up

This can add up quickly. Many TV packages also include kids channels and music channels.