In the UK, many companies offer broadband and TV packages in a single bundle.


Fast Internet

If you want to save money while enjoying fast Internet speed, DSL internet packages are an excellent choice. They are less expensive than cable and fiber plans and utilize existing phone lines. This means that you won’t need to make the initial investment in wiring a new area for DSL.


DSL providers can also bundle their Internet and phone services into one affordable package.


If you’re not concerned about speed, cable Internet is probably a better choice for you


Cable Internet is also compatible with cable TV, so you can easily add internet access to your cable TV account.


If you’re interested in streaming music or video, you might want to look for a package with high upload rates.


It’s a fast and reliable connection and usually comes with a simple set-up. This will ensure that you can upload large files quickly.

Copper wire

DSL services run over the same copper wire used for landline voice. Check with your local phone company to see which companies offer DSL service and plug in your address to get an estimate of the speeds available. Keep in mind that advertised speeds may not be applicable if your address is outside of the central office.


The technology works by using high-frequency signals, which can carry more data than a normal telephone conversation.


Another benefit of DSL is that it does not affect your telephone service. This makes DSL an excellent choice for homes and businesses.

Oldest Form

DSL is the oldest form of broadband internet, but it falls short of the definition of broadband set by the FCC in 2015.

Speed limit

This speed limit is only 25 Mbps for downloads and three Mbps for uploads. However, most people don’t need much bandwidth to browse the web and do basic tasks. DSL can be a solid choice for a basic internet connection, but high-definition video streaming will put it to the test. The best part is that it doesn’t interfere with your phone services!

There are two basic types of DSL internet packages. One is a symmetrical system that's more appropriate for business settings. This kind of service is more expensive than asymmetrical systems, but can give you the speed that you need.
The other is asymmetrical, which is more targeted towards home users. The only major disadvantage is that the symmetrical system tends to have slower speeds than the average asymmetrical system.

DSL internet

Typically, DSL internet packages range from one to six Mbps, though some providers offer higher speeds. The speed of DSL depends on the distance you are from the source, so the more you travel from the source, the slower the speed.


Spectrum TV packages come with a variety of benefits, including free HD channels and premium channels.


These include popular networks like CNN, Cartoon Network, Hallmark, Lifetime, HGTV, and Disney.


They also come with apps for iOS and Android that let customers stream live content. You can also enjoy sports and news programming while you’re on the go.

TV Enthusiasts

For TV enthusiasts, Spectrum TV packages offer thousands of on-demand options. You can watch live TV or choose from over 60 network channels.

Favorite Shows

You can also watch your favorite shows and movies on the go with the Spectrum TV App. The app also enables you to program your DVR and set parental controls.