It's common for lip gloss to stain clothing.

Folding T-shirts


For a more budget-friendly solution, opt for plastic garbage bags. These are cheap to buy and easy to stow away. You can find them at any office supply store. 


However, they may not be the strongest container. A better choice is a sturdy plastic tote that will last you a lifetime. 

Most Important

The most important part of any storage container is to have a tight seal. If you don’t, the contents of the bin can leak and attract bugs.

best plastic

The best plastic storage containers have a gasket to form a watertight seal when closed. A similar design is found in Ziploc – Weathershield containers.


This will protect your possessions from the elements, and will let you see exactly what’s inside. These containers are a bit heavier than cardboard boxes, so make sure to purchase a quality bin.

larger family

Lastly, if you have a larger family, you may need to get a real file cabinet. This will ensure that you have a convenient place to store all of your documents, files, and other important papers. 


Climate-controlled storage units keep clothes safe from dust, critters, moisture, and extreme temperatures . Some even have a flip-up latch, which is useful for bulky items.  This can also cause damage to your belongings


Climate-controlled storage units can help keep clothes and other items safe from dust, critters, moisture, and extreme temperatures.


If you have valuable or sensitive items, such as jewelry, documents, or photos, you need to know how to select a climate-controlled storage unit.


Most items will benefit from a climate-controlled storage solution, but there are some specific items that require a special temperature and humidity control. 


When selecting a storage facility, you need to ask the operator if their facility is in compliance with a climate standard. If the facility does not meet a climate standard, you may want to consider another facility. 

If you are storing an item that is sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as electronics, you need to make sure that it is kept in a climate-controlled storage facility.
High temperatures can cause the item to expand or contract. In addition, the item could be damaged by mildew or mold. This extra layer of protection can protect items from damage and preserve sentimental items.


If you are storing food or beverage products, you may need to keep them in a 24- hour climate-controlled storage facility. This is especially true if you are storing them in a storage space for a long period of time.